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@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-06-17

Happy Fathers Day to all of you dads doing a kickass job raising your daughters and sons! My dad is the very first man I loved. There are many things I ve learned from him. Sacrifice, hardwork, kindness, self sufficiency, love for nature and animals will make the top of the list. Dad was always up before anyone else, he also had some special ways of waking me up when I was a little girl. He would quietly walk into my room and kneel by my pillow with a kitten or duckling that had just been born... And waited until I wake up to their sounds. He would put them on my pillow so they are the first thing I see when my eyes open. He would pick our first pepper from our garden and also put it on my pillow... The scent of fresh green Hungarian peppers was always enough to gently wake me up. He taught me to see beauty in the most simple things. I think one of my favorite at home routine things I d love to do with him when I was little, was plowing the ground and planting potatoes into the ground... And when the time came, harvesting them. Loved the whole process of it. Another one must be eating breakfast together. Oh and going to a pub with him, it was always so much fun to watch servers handle 20 beers at a time, run between tables, juggle orders, they were like machines! Watching town folks play cards or just chew the fat, and it was always so exciting when I was allowed to have a sip. Score! πŸ’ͺ awesome entertainment through my little eyes. Here is to you, amazing dads! ❀

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-06-13

We have a choice to be better with age. We can either grow, or grow old. I am and always will be a firm believer and an advocate. There is nothing wrong with picture 1 vs 2. The only difference is: πŸ“· 1: Michele, 33, no children. πŸ“· 2: Michele, 37, two children. Amazing, isn t it? The second set of pictures are taken about 6 months apart. As you can see, it s a beautiful steady journey. Every workout, every week, every month, making us better and healthier. Strength training IS the foundation of health. As I call ping from the fountain of yoith a strong, balanced, conditoned body you can do anything and everything you want. You ll enjoy it and will keep injuries away. I, of course, do not believe it s all you should be doing BUT that, 100%, should be your foundation. Run, ruck, swim, cross train, bike, powerlift do yoga... Do it all! Always always always make time to lift things. The proper way! And I m talking about true focused balanced weight lifting. (Michele trains with me 4-5x a week. 3 weight lifting sessions, 2 bootcamp style (hell) sessions, keeping all her systems conditioned to the highest level) Find a great coach, keep training and sipping from the fountain of youth, it s a necessity for our bodies and minds, for the quality of our lives. πŸ’ͺ

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-06-02

This is Michelle, soon to be mom of two. She comes to my Crunch classes every week. I ve seen her feeling great, I ve seen her feeling exhausted, I ve seen her being beat from just simply life happening... But Michelle is my classes every week. And always smiling! We hugged last wel see you in a month or But nope, little one wants to stick around. She/he is 3 days late and Michelle trained as any other day. Badass. Here is to all of you, incredible moms and moms-to-be, that are doing everything, taking care of everyone and are not forgetting about yourselves. Because YOU, are the most important person in your team, you have to take care of yourself first so you can properly take care of others πŸ’ͺ @crunchgym @michelleapril09 #hobokengym #hoboken #trainforlife #trainharder #badassmoms #noexcuses #fitmom #momoftwo #crunchfitness #jirinasphalanx

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-04-27

My badass troops always know how to motivate. 49 and 285 lbs deadlift. Thank you guys for assisting my sis with her very first deadlift. Ha! Form was nearly perfect πŸ’ͺ

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-04-16

Strong bodies are a sign of commitment, consistency and dedication. As a trainer I have never been a fan of conditioning bodies through 1 rep max. My focus and responsibility is to create a strong body that can remain strong for long periods of time. Strength and endurance of the muscle is crucial for overall well rounded conditioning. Everyone can perform when they are rested and fresh. What I look for when assessing once ability and overall conditioning is how they perform when they are gassed and sucking air. Because that s life. Conditions will never be perfect. Our 6 month squat commitment is a great example of the incredible bodies and conditioning of my people. About 10 of us are focus training and improving one small set at a time. Probably the hardest focus training we ve done so far. Our normal training remains, we have not taken anything out to compensate for this exercise. - Each set - 15 reps - Monthly weight increase - Range of motion is precise each rep - Form is solid through all 15 reps (chest and glutes move up at the same time, knees have zero lateral movement) - No back or knee support (if your knees or back can t handle it, don t move it, reduce the weight and condition properly) - Increased recovery is crucial I am incredibly proud of my Strong 10 for their commitment and loyalty, for following my lead. It is TOUGH, very physically demanding and lessons have been learned throughout the first 3 months. Which we ll all take with us moving on. We re about to conclude month 4. 215 lbs here we come πŸ’ͺ #trainharder #trainforlife #hobokengym #hoboken #squats #squatchallenge #jirinasphalanx @kajwatters @agkesten @situasian7 @jgnadz @themantz @nunu_chi323 @sloani @smiscia @mr_randy_watson8

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-04-01

Happy Easter Happy Spring from all of us at Phalanx! Yes, the eggs were filled with extra delicious exercises that made the Easter Sunday training that much more special πŸ’ͺ😬 as you can see everyone was super happy about it.

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-03-24

March 24th - Vietnam War remembrance day. It was an absolute honor to be rucking on a route that traced over the 1985 Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Parade. We had the pleasure and honor to meet Vietnam war veterans, gold star families and listen to incredible stories of incredible people.

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-03-23

Happy Puppy day from the greatest puppy, companion and partner in crime ever and from all of us in Phalanx! #pitbullsofinstagram #trainforlife #trainharder #hobokengym #hoboken #pitbulls #staffordshirebullterrier #puppies #mansbestfriend

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-03-17

Oh the beautiful Irish faces and souls of Phalanx. Happy St. Patrick s Day from all of us!

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-03-13

Athleta training, round 2. It s amazing how productive one can be with limited space and equipment ;) It was a pleasure to give these badass beauties an intense workout on Sunday night in one of their favorite stores. Thank you Athleta for having me back! We ll be looking forward to the next time πŸ’ͺ

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-03-08

Next to every king is a badass queen πŸ’ͺ Happy International Day of Women to all my amazing, smart, fun, fearless and badass women. Here and beyond the seas. πŸ’ͺ

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-02-24

One of our own just became a firefighter with the 1st Ward Hose Company in Morristown Volunteer Fire Department! I am so proud, but not surprised ☺. Adam is an incredible human being, funny, smart, a GRT, everything he does is to the standard. And his drive for life is off the charts. Well done, Adam! Any company is very lucky to have you πŸ’ͺ (All service members, FD, PD, EMT, military, past and present, receive a lifetime of 50% discount on all memberships and series. PHALANX way of saying THANK YOU for all that you do and sacrifice, for giving us freedom, safety, saving lives and putting our lives ahead of yours πŸ’ͺπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ)

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-02-05

We re almost 3rd way into 100 days of planks. The little ones always seem so eager to join the grown ups. Even a fraction of the time helps to distract the planking mind. How it works: 1) Commit to 100 days 2) Day 1 start with 30 sec (+ -) 3) Each day add 5 seconds to your previous day 4) NEVER miss a day, be true to your word and commitment 5) if you do miss a day, you must make up asap. Not fun. So re read 4) 6) focus one day at a time

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-01-25

8 years ago in a small town, Hoboken, NJ... (During one of our first weeks of one on one sessions with Lisa, she was on a very high pull up bar, doing partner assisted pull ups) Lisa:an t do any mo: you can, you have 6 left, I will take you through the last ones and help you, that s why I m here, so stop stoppLisa does 3 more) Lisa:t s it, I can t do any more, I m gonna letOf course she could do more, she just didn t know) Me:a, I m holding your legs, if you let go, you ll fall right on your fLisa does a couple more) What happens next was the most amazing thing that could happen, not only Lisa finished her 15 pull ups, she didn t think she could do... Lisa DID let go off the pull up bar and sat right on my shoulder like a giant bird. For a moment we both were trying to figure out what just happened. And then both, the whole gym, burst out in laughter. Her cheek was a perfect fit for my shoulder too! Since then, Lisa s butt became firmer and my shoulders and back broader. It became a tradition. We get together in the beginning of the year for our anniversary and recreate that exact moment. Happy 8th anniversary, beautiful Lisa ❀ #trainforlife #trainharder #pullups #hobokengym #hoboken #anniversary #buddycarry #friendship #friends #jirinasphalanx #traditions #stronger #illcarryyou @lisatreiber1

@Jirina s Phalanx 2018-01-14

There is so much confusion about whole grain. Whole grains are essential for our health, from controlling blood pressure, keeping healthy weight to preventing diabetes and diseases, including cancers. 100% whole wheat, whole wheat organic, Multigrain, 7 grain, 5 million grain all of that means not as much as you think. Did you know that grape juice is sometimes added to create darker product to trick us to believing it s healthier because it s dark? Hmmm so how do I tell? So many labels, it can get so confusing! I have a simple rule for you I use, which in seconds will tell you if that whole grain product is going to your basket or back to the shelf. One of my favorite sources of whole grains is steel cut oatmeal, I buy organic and sprouted. Yes it takes much longer to cook but if you precook for the whole week it will actually save you time, and all those extra minutes are 100% worth it. Not to mention how much more nutrients you re giving your body. (Quick cooking oats are processed many times over and in that process they loose a lot of the nutrients) SO! I stick to this rule: The ratio of total carbohydrates vs fiber should be 5 or less. If total carbs per serving is 30g and total fiber per serving is 2g. Hmmm put that thing back to the shelf and walk away fast. That may be weird and suspicious. So just slowly walk away. 30:2 = 15. No bueno. Something with 25 g of total carbs per serving that has 5 g of fiber per serving... Voila! We ve got 5! This 5 rule makes it so much easier to choose wisely.

@Jirina s Phalanx 2017-12-12

The wheelies... Kids love them, adults hate them. I guess I make the adults hate them. Being creative and having a thick dictionary of exercises, combinations and techniques is in my opinion the best way to condition one s body. And prevent overuse injuries. There are prolly 100 ways I can use the wheelie. The first one is among those we use in core conditioning often. Fir smi as Jamie likes to call frow a pretty difficult one. Stable strong shoulder will help you steer. (I always looked at shoulders and hips as a part of the core, without them, the core s strength and power potential is dimished) it s a beautiful teamwork of all muscle groups. Goal is to keep the legs straight and draw the smile as big as possible. Shoot for 15-20 on each side. Second oe tuch easier than smileys. But there s always a way to make things suck more. ;) Be creative, be tough. πŸ’ͺ

@Jirina s Phalanx 2017-12-11

Such a weird dream last night... I was in Athleta store, some of you guys were there too and I made you do burpees and push ups and run the stairs right in the middle of the store... And it all felt very normal. So weird. But the weirdest part was when I woke up. There was an Athleta bag sitting on my chair. 😳 Thank you Athleta for having us last night. That was a lot of fun!

@Jirina s Phalanx 2017-12-06

Listen up guys from Hoboken, JC area! Athleta has been doing awesome things and among them, they host FREE classes for the community. Well, this SUNDAY 6:30-7:30 pm, in Hoboken s Athleta, you get a chance to workout with me. Stay over for private shopping time, raffle and other fun things, perfect timing for the giving season. Call the store or come in and reserve a spot. As they are quite limited. See you there! πŸ’ͺ

@Jirina s Phalanx 2017-11-28

I absolutely love when parents bring their little ones. Not only It s easier for them to get a daily dose of thetd maintain their health, which is the greatest wealth... ... But also, I feel this is an amazing way to mold the little ones into healthy habits by just observing their idols. They are slowly learning how to be patient, to follow rules of the gym and understand the meaning of reward in a new sense. When all is cleaned up and we are all stretched and cooled down... They too get to run around and play. And boy, do they love our playground 😊 I also love th the little ones synon

@Jirina s Phalanx 2017-11-19

Hard work always pays off. πŸ‘Š From Nicole learning to do a pull up and now working on her 3rd.... .... To Greg going from 20-37 pull ups and all those awesome gals and guys in between adding 6-18 reps to their collection. It s pretty amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind into it πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‰ Onto the next one....

@Jirina s Phalanx 2017-11-05

And here s one of the gents of Phalanx. πŸ’ͺ😎 Pull ups give you wings!

@Jirina s Phalanx 2017-11-04

Meet Michele - trains 4x a week - wonderful mom of 2. Charli just turned 2 and Levi is 8 months. - it was an honor and pleasure to train her throughout her entire 2nd pregnancy. Juggling 2 children, family, part time job, dealing with sleep deprivation and exhaustion... Michele always knew the importance of making time for herself and how great she ll feel after the training. Making the rest of her hours of the day more manageable and her happier. As I always say, you ll never regret training, you ll always regret not making it to the gym. You have to make yourself show up, no matter what, the majority of the battle is then won. Consistency and intensity is critical. One good workout or healthy meal won t make you healthy and strong. As one skipped day or one treat won t erase your hard work during the rest of the week. We are what we do on consistant basis. Great job, lady πŸ’ͺ😊

@Jirina s Phalanx 2017-11-03

And the final 10th week is here! Holy cow, time flies. These 20 or so guys and gals have been focus training, learning/perfecting their pull up game and some bringing muscles into balance, for 9 weeks straight. Wanting to better themselves and making their weakness their strength. After this week we ll take a few days off to completely recover those wings and then we ll see what we ve got πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‰ I m very impressed with many but not surprised at all. πŸ‘Š

@Jirina s Phalanx 2017-10-29

Happy Halloween from Phalanx! πŸ’ͺπŸ’€ On Halloween, during the Celtic festival of Samhain, people would dress in scary costumes in attempt to scare away the evil spirits. As the nights were becoming much longer and darkness arriving much sooner, spirits were believed to pass between worlds and cause havok. The scary costumes and masks were protecting the living from the evil dead.

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