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@Blue Nile Lotus 2017-12-04

Hi everyone, Wednesday 6 of December @ 6 pm: Open for all Saturday 9 of November @ 6 pm: Open for all Next week Nathalie will be teaching yoga class on Wednesday December 13th from 6:00 to 7:30pm. After class there will be a 30 minutes gathering where anyone doing the yoga teacher training or workshop can stay on to ask questions and hear about the yoga training. This week we are featuring the Yoga & Trauma/Stress workshop. Here is a description from Samara who used to live in Khartoum and worked for the UN. Sign up here. This workshop will explore both trauma and stress, their impact on the brain and body, and how yoga and mindfulness can be used as a complement for healing, peacebuilding and social cohesion. The stress portion of this workshop will focus on issues of burnout, secondary trauma, empathy fatigue, and other experiences arising from working and living in high stress environments and their impacts on the nervous system. We will explore specific tools and practices to build your own self-care toolbox so you leave the training feeling empowered to take self-care into your hands. The trauma piece of the workshop will focus on issues of post-traumatic stress, complex and developmental trauma, and structural trauma that we see in our societies and cultures. Shock trauma events, including one off events or even exposure to conflict or natural disaster can affect an individual and their community s wellbeing as well as the social fabric of society long after the events are over. Traumatic experiences live not just in our memories, but in the physical body itself, often affecting our ability to self-regulate. Whether you are a yoga teacher, a professional working with individuals or communities affected by conflict, know someone affected or have personally felt affected by trauma or stress, you can benefit by better understanding the dynamics of how difficult situations affect the mind and body and how to use yoga-inspired practices as to improve self-care and as a complementary approach to healing.

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