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Notice Range Closure: Shooting events for Saturday 2/12/17 will be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

@Corerega Sports 2017-11-23

PRAYER ALERT....Shalom .... To all Prayer Centers, Prayer Leaders, Prayer Ministries,Prayer Warriors, Families, Friends in Fiji and Abroad... Talatala Qase Ilaitia Tagituimua the Head of the All Nations Christian Fellowship (ANCF) English Division International the Talatala with our Fiji Bati Team...sends his warm Greetings to all who have liked, shared, and commented on the previous post, He has conveyed the Team about your prayer, comment and scripture declaration in the changing room Before the Team played New Zealand in the World Cup Quarter Final.... Fiji House of Prayer have been informed on the testimony below...From Talatala Qase Tagituimua. Vakila ni sa dua tani na atmosphere ena loma ni rumu... Niu vakaraitaka ni so era tiko mai Viti era masu laki kemudou tiko mai, Eso era na sega ni saravi kemudou ena gauna ni qito ena bogi ni kua, they scarifice in prayer... E tuturu na wai ni matadratou na cauravou vakauasivi o ratou na Overseas Based Players... Ashton Sims ni ratou vakarau cici e loma ni rara sa kaila vaka mai ...Boys I can feel him ... JESUS... he s gone ahead... boys JESUS has taken the lead... I can FEEL HIM.hat is the reason they were all giving JESUS the Glory for the Victory against New Zealand ... they FEEL JESUS... JESUS IS THE VICTORY... TO GOD BE THE GLORY... To All Prayer Warriors Thank You for all your Prayers... It has moved the hand that moves the universe during the World Cup Quarter Final.... From Talatala Qase Ilaitia Tagituimua SUN 2:55PBula vinaka Sir...Au via taura saka na gauna vinaka qoka meu vakavinavinaka taka na Kalou ena vuku ni Ministry ni Masu ena Yalo ni veitokoni kei na sacrifice ni a solia saka jiko Mai ena vuku ni tavi sa mai qaravi rawa saka vaka vinaka ena noa...Sa Saravi Dina na vua ni masu ka sa vakadinadinataki ena matai vuravura taucoko ni se vakatulewa jikoga na noda Kalou ena matanitu ni tamata...Keitou Kalougata saka na matatimi ni yavala vinaka jiko Mai na Engine room Mai Noda....Sa tu saka tale e matada e dua tale na macawa ni qito ...sa kerei saka me yavala vinaka jikoga Mai nai Idini...Noqu masu me na Kalougata saka jiko na vuvale kei na veiqaravi....Loloma levu kei na masu. Below is the Fiji Bati Captain s Photo Kevin Naiqama... Taken especially for all Prayer Warriors ... Its was sent through FHOP Private Messenger they are in Australia preparing for the Semi Final... Talatala Qase Conveyed Kevin Naiqama s Requestrau veitalanoa ka vakavinavinaka taka jiko ga o koya na veitokoni ni masu...sa gadreva Sara tu ga o koya me na tomani saka jiko na veisemati me yaco a na tou sa sega ni qai kauwai ena bilo sir na vanua keitou sa rai toka kina qoka na Yalo me ra sa mai kila na nodatou Kalouo all Prayer Families in Fiji and Abroad... Calling All Watchmen. Isaiah.62 6 I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, (NIVyer is the wall of faith, our arms and weapons against man, who is always watching us. - Tertullian, Pulpit Commentary - Old Testament Prayer breaks all bars, dissolves all chains, opens all prisons, and widens all straits by which God’s saints have been held - E.M Bounds Prayer is not a preparation for the battle; it is the battle! - Leonard Ravenhill. Regarding Prayer the Semi Final begins NOW... To Kevin Naiqama and the Team... Thank you for lifting the name of JESUS in your emotional interview after the World Cup Quarter Final game against the Kiwi s.... It was a proud moment to all Christian here in Fiji ... Our thoughts, love and prayers are with you all as you prepare for the World Cup Semi Final... To all Prayer Eagles - Do feel free to like, share, comment and leave Scripture Declaration for the Boys to read... With prayers for shalom, peace, Admin. Photo Credit Taltala Qase Ilaitia Tagituimua

You most likely missed this fight aired on FBC. Although it was the Main Supporting Bout it was pulled from the FBC Program for no apparent reason. Dear Boxing Fans Of Fiji, I am retiring as a professional fighter and this was my last fight. Before I continue with my reasons I want to first thank Fiji Boxing from the bottom of my heart for the love and support I have been given over the years. Boxing has been VERY generous to me. In 2012 I took a young hungry fighter to New Zealand for the New Zealand Nationals at a time when Fiji Amateur boxing was banned from international competition but I found a way (because I was a BOXER) he scored a silver and went on to become 2017s biggest name in Fiji Professional Boxing. In 2014 I opened Fiji s first Premier Boxing Gym that changed so many young boxers lives sending 3 of them to the 2015 Pacific Games winning 3 Silver Medals at a time when boxing was almost non existent in Fiji and SHOCKED the country. Out of those 3 medalists rose Winston Hill who made the 2016 Rio Olympics after a 28 year laps. In 2017 I played a role in securing the biggest sponsorship in Amateur Boxing History from Pizza King & Wishbone Family Restaurants which was instrumental in sending Winston Hill to the NZ Golden Gloves in preparations for the Oceania Championships. Winston Medaled in the Oceania Championships and qualified for the World Championships making him the FIRST Fijian to EVER do so then went on to compete in the ESPN Elite Boxing Championships and made it to the Grand Finals on Worldwide Television. The sponsorship helped fund a 10 man team to the Vanuatu Pacific Mini Games and I am now working along side of Head Coach Pauliasi Ratu as an Assistant/Strength & Conditioning coach in which I am experienced and certified in (Because of BOXING) getting the team ready. We are equipped with All of the resources and facilities we need keeping us relevant amongst the bigger nations. We have a VERY strong team and I feel all fighters will medal and most of the medals will be Gold. We are sending a team to the 2018 Commonwealth games for the first time in decades. Team Captain Winston Hill has already qualified and ranked in the worlds top 15, he is expected to bring Fiji its 2nd Commonwealth Games BOXING medal in history. I was privileged to be a part of all of this because of BOXING. At SBF we have developed Fiji s #1 Weight Loss Program using the same methods of boxing training on ordinary people that we do on our elite athletlping our members lose weight and motivating dozens to make COMPLETE LIFE CHANGES. This part of the story probably means the most to me. Because of BOXING I picked up CrossFit and became the FIRST affiliated CrossFit Facility in Fiji, another Fitness Program that has changed dozens of lives. All of this was a success because of the support I was given as a BOXER. This is all voluntary work and this is my payback for the love this country has given me as a BOXER. For me, there is no more to prove. Its time for me to move on, I have a handful of potential world champions that need me and my time is done as a fighter My Reason: My body can no longer take the type of training necessary to be successful in this sport. I was hospitalized 2 times during my 6 week camp in prep for my final fight with a condition that can effect my health long term if I continue. There is a lot of talk of Taumoepeau vs Vuli which would be an EPIC fight, one that I have wanted for some time but the timing was never right. I respect Inia Vuli as a fighter that has done this country proud winning a Gold Medal at the Pacific Games along with being an undefeated professional heavyweight. I know people will say Ikm but at 40 years of age, fear and intimidation no longer exist in my mindset. I have been internationally recognized as the #1 Heavyweight in Fiji for Half a decade (almost consecutively http://boxrec.com/pl/boxer/497286) and have only been given 1 shot at the title only to have the opponent not show up on fight night. It was once my goal to be the Heavyweight Champion of Fiji, I worked hard at it but it just never materialized for reasons unknown but its time to move on and focus on the future prospects of the sport. Many do not like me in this sport but you must respect what I have done to bring it back to life. Thank you Fiji Boxing from the bottom of my heart because without you and God, none of this would have been possible. Vinaka Vaka Levu.

@Yoga with Nicci 2017-10-08

Classes are temporarily on hold for a number of reasons. I ll be in touch shortly with new offerings. X

Catch That Morning Ride. #surftrip #Beachbreak #Fijistyle [email protected] +6797779099

@Suva Kaji Rugby 2017-08-17

Thank you dear Lord for the good weather today. #RewaGalaxyKajiRugby #Finalstoday

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Sorry everybody for not up dating my page been so busy lately.. It s holidays now and I ll be posting stuff and updating my page....

@METRA Touch Rugby 2014-03-30

Suva Touch Season starts soon and sponsorship has been confirmed ... Also a new coach has agreed to coach the Team ... GOD is Good :-D